Angels clean the earth for love shortly at human beings.
It is birth of ecopit kewpie.
Combined ECO of ecology (natural environment),
and PIT of pit-a-pat (sound is raised pitter-patter)
and then, Image the Angel of the nature world.
The fine bright view of the world and ecology which eco-
pit Kewpie unfolds. It is the eco-character which cleans
the earth and sends a fortunate wind with the wings of love.
The society of nature, an animal, and a human being is su-
rrounded - it is unique- , imaginative and bright world
is developed.
An ecopit kewpie is the watcher for the earth and spreads
the love, happiness and energy, and the brightness in the
world. They play an active part as the messenger from
environment with a green leaf, and watcher who watches
the earth with an angel's wings.
Ecopit kewpie is the fairy which lives in the beautiful woods "ecopit land" .
Various plants breathe and various living things live together.
ecopit kewpie and nature are important friends.
It knows being efficiently lived and employed in nature.
The ecopit kewpie full of curiosity jumps out outside woods soon.
Man and the animal which have not been seen, and the new and severe world.
They who knew only beautiful woods develop an adventure in this new world,
getting to know the severity of a nature and realizing importance of natural environment.
Like ecopit land, it influences to clean everybody's woods.
According to investigation of WWF and a world natural monitoring center (WCMC),
the 2/3 of the natural forest in the world disappears compare with 6,000 years
before when civilization started, The serious prediction is announced that,
in some country, natural forest disappears 50years later.

OIKE CO.,LTD. will entitle "Ecopit Green Clean Movement",contribute a part of proceeds
of the related product to the "eco-pit" which is the character which symbolizes and
advocates ecology to Environmental Groups which is performing global tree planting
activities and support Environmental Protection.

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